Poltronic has experience and know-how themselves or through their partners and networks on the following, but not limited to:  antennas, automotive devices, base stations, business development, business planning, ceramic technologies, chemical deposition, concept studies, electronics manufacturing technologies, embedded electronic and optical structures, environmental protection using ALD, feasibility studies, hand sets, high power and high temperature electronics, HTCC, identification of key partners, in mould labelling (IML), injection moulding, integrated passive devices, integration of electronics and mechanics, interconnections, laser activated deposition, LED manufacturing, assembly and usage, LTCC, medical electronics and mechanics, MESH-radio, microelectronics, miniaturisation, mobile phone covers, module technologies, moulded interconnection devices (MID), polymer technologies, portable devices, printable electronics, printed circuit boards, project management, R&D programs, reliability, reviews, RFID, screen printing, sensors, start-up companies, subcontracting, substrates, technical and economical evaluations, thermal management, thick film technologies...

Paul Collander

Paul Collander, MSc, founder of Poltronic, spent 30 years at Nokia in various research related duties, all related to HW component, packaging, interconnect and miniaturisation technologies. Starting 1974 setting up a Nokia thick film hybrid facility he moved to more R&D and his favourite theme was Multichip Modules, which enabled the first Nokia Communicator to be launched. Last 3 years at Nokia he was developing packaging technology for microwave radios. His entire carrier, Paul has benefited from the specific society for microelectronics and packaging, first called ISHM and later IMAPS. He served as IMAPS Nordic president for many years and IMAPS Europe president 2005 – 2009. After Nokia he founded in October 2003 Poltronic in order to continue the R&D networking activities. At Nokia Paul was for some years contact person to High Density Packaging User Group, and as Poltronic consultant, HDPUG was one of his partners for some years. Paul is a registered EU Technology Expert and has acted as reviewer monitoring implementation of EU-projects like HIGH TREE, SHIFT, SMARTPOWER and HIDINGDIES. 

Terho Kutilainen

Terho Kutilainen, Msc EE, eMBA, owner of Poltronic, has held managerial and specialist positions in R&D, sales and business administration at Aspocomp Plc, mainly in the field of ceramic micro modules. 2001 he was Manager of Packaging and Interconnection section in Business Development and Research group of Aspocomp. Work of the group led to founding of Asperation Oy, a joint venture of Aspocomp Plc and Perlos Plc, integrating and enhancing printed circuit board technology and covers of mobile phones. He was Development Director at Aspocomp Technology Oy, then VP Business Development and VP Technology at Selmic Oy, and Management Team Member at Ele-Products Oy. 2007-2015 he was one of the owners and CEO of Aspact Oy that continued one of the programs started at Asperation. He has been networked in organisations such as IMAPS, CII, iNEMI and served as advisory board member in e.g. Centre of Micro and Nanotechnologies, University of Oulu.